Homemade Coconut Rose Body Scrub


A long day at the beach can leave me feeling a little worn out. After being outdoors all day getting beat up by the sun and being in makeup and sunscreen, I always like to wash and polish my skin. I use this homemade scrub to cleanse and refresh. All of the ingredients were bought at Whole Foods, but you can purchase them anywhere!

-The first ingredient is sea salt. I use Enfusia’s salts because they have a variety of grain sizes. If you have more sensitive skin you can use a more fine salt, or if you want a deeper exfoliant you can use larger grains. They also come in different scents and are infused with dried flower petals or herbs! The rose petal one is my favorite.

-The second ingredient is coconut oil. Aside from having a ton of internal health benefits, coconut oil is also great to use topically. I use it for my skin and hair and any brand will do.

-Combine the two ingredients in a 60/40 mix of salt to oil. I love to store mine in pretty containers near the bath and use one scoop a couple times a week. The scrub lasts for several weeks and can be stored dry. 

-You can leave the container by the sink or in the shower and use as needed to polish your body or hands. I don’t suggest keeping it for much longer than a couple weeks. You will be surprised this simple step will make your skin glow and smell amazing!!!! Plus you know all of the ingredients are NATURAL and chosen by you!!  

Pick your favorite scent to create your own! 

Hope you guys will like this super easy recipe and have a wonderful Wednesday :)





My Everyday Makeup Routine


Happy Wednesday everyone!!! 

For my everyday style I like to keep a natural glow without that caked-on makeup look. These tried and true beauty products are light but still provide great coverage. My beauty routine would be incomplete without them!

Step 1: First thing’s first, The most important step is to wash your face thoroughly before applying any products. Use your favorite cleanser in order to provide a fresh palette to work with. After your face is clean continue your regular skin care routine. 


Step 2: Apply a good sunscreen. I recommend using SPF 50+ due to the Houston weather. 


Step 3: Next use primer to fill in fine lines and pores. I use the Laura Mercier Radiance primer which gives a light pearl shimmer. It’s great for every skin tone and instantly minimizes imperfections and gives you a fresh look.


Step 4: My favorite foundation of all time is Armani Luminous Silk. It’s super lightweight but still gives great coverage. It creates a silky look without making me look too glossy.  


Step 5: Use NARS concealer for extra coverage under your eye area. As a highlighter, select two shades lighter than the concealer shade and place on high points of the face.


Step 6: Armani Fluid Sheer is a great illuminator and really enhances my foundation when it needs a little extra something. It has buildable coverage for a bronzing or contouring effect. May use as a blush or can be paired with an alternate blush (see next step).


Step 7: Bobbi Brown’s blush is a classic product and speaks for itself.


Step 8: Dior Mascara for streakless waterproof coverage.


Step 9: Dolce & Gabanna solid eyebrow pencil.


Step 10: YSL Lipstick for subtle shine.


Step 11: Finally, my favorite part-the setting spray! Caudalie Beauty Elixir is fantastic. I always choose the Jason Wu bottle because of the fancy packaging. It is made with peppermint, rosemary, and other essential oils. This all natural finishing mist gives my makeup the perfect look for hours. Sometimes I even apply it before my makeup for extra hold. It has no artificial fragrances so it smells and feels so fresh.

(Small tip: spray it on the back of your neck to relieve a headache!!!!!!! )


Hope you guys love these products as much as I do!